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Chris Anzleark

Chris Anlezark

Chris has been with Secom Technical Services since the mid 90’s, commencing as a Field Technician. Since then, he has held many leadership positions, contributing to the overall growth of Secom.

Chris promotes his principals across all employees, to be proud. Be it, running a cable, terminating cabinets, creating a report or programing a complex ICT system. Own it and be proud of it.  Chris’s leadership creates effective and reliable service to our clients, through open communication and delivering on our promises.

Our employees are what makes our business a success’ Chris Anlezark, January 2020

Ken Seiler

Ken Seiler

In his new role as a Director of Secom Technical Services, Ken is focused on creating mechanisms for all employees enabling outstanding results for themselves and for Secom clients.

Ken brings over 20 years of industry experience further improving business outcomes. Enabling employees with sound structure and process and empowering employees through greater awareness and responsibility. Combined these deliver efficient and effective outcomes for customers consistently generating business opportunities towards our objectives.

‘Focused and effective teams deliver the vision’  Ken Seiler, January 2020.